About Me


I was born in 1996 in Dakar, Senegal and I'm currently living in Berlin where I am doing a Bachelor of Arts focused on photography.

I started photography as a hobby and achieved a point where I couldn't live without it anymore. Being a photographer or artist has never been a dream of mine as it wasn't a part of the environment I grew up in. I started traveling intensively at the age of 17 and spend 2 months in Papua New Guinea where I had incredible life experiences and where I've been taking pictures on a daily basis.

Berlin has inspired me on so many levels and it's now time for me to translate my ideas and fantasies into visual images whether it's through photography or painting. I am currently focusing on achieving new skills, expanding my horizons, learning about the world I live and questioning what I see. I would like to focus on matters of my time and turn them into strong conceptual or experimental images that will inspire, teach, entertain and give to the viewer a new representation of what is the so-called reality.

In my processing of learning and expressing myself, I would like to not label myself in any way but rather stay open and motivated on achieving my dreams and inspiring people.



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